Time To Listen (2020) was an entry to the D&AD New Blood Awards* based on a brief from the Audible audiobook company, that posed the challenge of convincing people to spend their free time with Audible.

I approached the issue with out of home advertising that included motion pieces, posters, and a small social media element to expand reach. These ads contrasted the amount of time wasted in a day with the average amount of time it takes to listen to an audiobook.

The main concept of the campaign was for it to change over time, as people watched the ads, to highlight just how much time could be better spent listening to Audible. This included a heat sensor inside of bus stops, which would increase the time displayed whenever it sensed a person.

Other than the advertising material, the project included a 2 minute long animation that went through the entire campaign, acting as a pitch. There was also a static 4 image version of the pitch.


Example ads

Pitch video

Time To Listen was great experience in working within established brand guidelines, and the process of creating assets and pieces that utilized and fit within the framework of an existing visual language.

Download the Static Pitch here.

*My work was ultimately not selected for the award.