Glory Kill (2021) was a personal multimedia project that communicated the history of one of the most important franchises in entertainment: DOOM 

The main part of the project was a 25cm by 25cm, 114 page long book, which detailed the history of id Software and the DOOM franchise from its conception in the 90s, the issues faced after 1996’s release of Quake, the warm reception of 2016’s DOOM revival and the series’ current state of affairs, and finally touched upon the fandom for the series and the surprisingly active community that the classic entries continues to foster.

Glory Kill was written and designed by me, and contains short interviews with DOOM series co-creator John Romero, DOOM community member Decino, and creator of 2018’s DUSK David Szymanski.

Download Glory Kill as a PDF.
Example spreads

GLORY.WAD is the second part of the Glory Kill project.

A fully playable level for DOOM II, featuring every page from Glory Kill  rendered in impressive (for the 90s) 180px by 180px resolution.

The GLORY.WAD level was designed by me and is supplemented by flyers, a trailer, and a walkthrough video also designed, recorded, and edited together by me.

Download a copy of GLORY.WAD.

Installation instructions at the bottom of this page.


GLORY.WAD Walkthrough

GLORY.WAD Installation instructions

1. Purchase a copy of DOOM II and locate the “DOOM2.WAD” file.
2. Download and install the latest version of GZDOOM
3. Download GLORY.WAD
4. Place DOOM2.WAD, GZDOOM.exe, and GLORY.WAD into the same folder.
5. Drag the GLORY.WAD onto the GZDOOM.exe file
6. Select “DOOM 2: Hell on Earth (DOOM2)” and press “Play Game!”
7. Select “New Game”, choose any difficulty, and enjoy!

(These instructions are for Windows only)