Glory Kill (2021)

Glory Kill is a multimedia project on the history of probably the most important video game series of all time:


Glory Kill is a book that includes short interviews from series creator John Romero, and developer of the 2018 game ‘DUSK’, David Szymanski.
With a focus on design, they are asked about the driving force behind their creative decisions, and in the case of David Szymanski,
what influence DOOM had over said decisions. 

Glory Kill also goes into the years of uncertainty that plagued id Software after the release of Quake and the departure of
Romero, during a time where gaming was moving away from id Software’s way of doing things
and into more modern storytelling experiences.

Then Glory Kill gets into the current state of DOOM, following its revival in 2016 and continuation in 2020. A look at the design of these two new
games, and how they compare with the old way of doing things. Are they extremely different?
Or is there a lot more in common than one would initially think?

Finally Glory Kill touches upon the continued fandom around the 1990s originals, and the surprisingly active community that these
games continue to foster. In an interview with DOOM YouTuber Decino, I figure out exactly why people
are still playing these 25 year old games, and ask the question:

“Has DOOM changed your life?”

Glory Kill is a 114 page, 25cm by 25cm book, and is currently set to be displayed at the
Northern School of Art’s Emerge Exhibition. 

Glory Kill also has a companion piece. A free to play WAD for DOOM II, featuring every spread from the
book in glorious 128px by 128px resolution. GLORY.WAD is available for download now!